Efficiency and functional layout to increase productivity

A rational layout is synonymous with efficiency, and the latter is synonymous with productivity for those who are committed to guaranteeing professional performance every day.

As producers of “Static Preparation”, the solutions proposed and then manufactured represent a fundamental aspect in determining the workflows in a kitchen (the concept of fluidity). The preparation areas define these flows, allowing the remaining parts of the kitchen to operate at their full potential.

If it is true that infinite layouts can be suggested for a professional kitchen, it is equally true that only the consolidated experience and professional skills combined with a high level of production flexibility distinguish “quality” projects, where everything is attributable to an absolute constructive, hygienic and not least aesthetic coherence.

Even more specifically, the collaboration with a group company also allows us to consider cooling appliances to preserve ingredients. These elements are harmoniously integrated both from an ergonomic/hygienic (operator) and aesthetic (design) point of view.