3 reasons for choosing Thermoproof™

3 reasons for choosing Thermoproof™

Each manufacturing and transformation process inside a kitchen requires the integration of hot and cold elements that affect the stainless steel top in terms of deformation.

An alternative solution developed by Steelnovo can now replace the standard wooden reinforcement of the worktop.

Discover the product’s 3 plus points:

  1. It efficiently absorbs heat: just as proven by laboratory tests carried out on the combination of metal alloy and glue, specially selected for the specific work environment.
  2. It is robust yet lightweight: unlike wood, it withstands traction, torsion, and at the same time, its low weight facilitates the final assembly phase.
  3. More freedom, even with hot elements: its versatility allows the operator to handle heat sources easily, spacing the counter’s entire surface. Furthermore, various appliances can be positioned and integrated without creating impediments.

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