No alteration, in time and space
No alteration, in time and space


No alteration, in time and space

Shape, design, dimensions, and above all, the materials used are what characterize the worktops.

In the case of stainless steel worktops, we often tend to consider only the thickness of the surface material, completely overlooking the reinforcement technology. For Steelnovo, this aspect is of fundamental importance as a primary factor in determining the hob’s mechanical and thermal resistance.

The now obsolete use of wooden reinforcements (usually LDF or MDF) was abandoned by Steelnovo years ago, and, to the satisfaction of all its customers, is replaced by a new and updated technology registered by the company and named Thermproof™.

Thermproof™ consists of a particular metal alloy, combined with a specific adhesive specially developed for this technology that guarantees:

  • maximum thermal resistance;
  • high resistance to torsion and traction which translates into a sturdiness exceeding the market standards;
  • excellent absorption of vibrations and therefore, an incredible reduction of noise generated by working on metal surfaces.
  • The complete absence of components that can deteriorate over time or in contact with water.
  • A considerable lightness compared to traditional wooden reinforcements (to facilitate handling during assembly).

Concerning the first aspect (thermal resistance), the mechanical elasticity guaranteed by Thermproof™, offers the possibility to position heat sources on the hob (burning hot pots as well as heating functions typical of pass-through areas).